About us from Sample Kids

Sample Kids is an online sales site for sample kits in the world of
music production. Our site hosts samples and music loops
created by talented labels. Whether you are a music producer,
composer or DJ, you can purchase a license from us for the different
samples you need to succeed.
Once you have completed your online payment, you can
download all the content in a few seconds and then start using
the different packages right away, in any project you like,
personal and professional. Unleash your full potential and start creating
your best music.
So, if you're wondering where to get samples for music, you
are in the right place. Sample kids offers you different musical styles.

What is a sample pack?

Sample packs are collections of music loops and samples
(musical, rhythmic and / or vocal), which you can use to create
new and exciting music.
Sometimes the sample packs also include patches/sounds for the
synths and plugin effects. Used correctly, our loops and samples
audio will give your music the edge! Download samples of
Sample kids music for every genre and style you can think of.
We are always at the forefront of new musical trends and
provide hundreds of music loops and sample kits for
classic and long-standing genres, from Jazz and Blues to Disco through
Classic House, and much more. Access our Ambiance drop-down menu to
explore the options.

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